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Walther P22, 22LR, 10rd, 3.4", Black

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The Walther P22 is one of the most popular pistols on the market today - and for good reason. It is a great beginner handgun for children, women and anybody looking for an all-around fun handgun. It is chambered in .22 caliber which means that it will barely have any recoil at all and ammunition will be cheap! It comes with 1 10 round magazine and you can optionally purchase more magazines if you so choose. Overall this is a great firearm for learning the basics of firearm safety and for the beginner looking to get started.

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Action:Double Action
# of Mags:2
Description:WAL P22 22LR DA PST 10RD 3.4B
Manufacturer:Walther, USA
Model #:P22
Type:Semi-Automatic Pistol
Stock:Black Polymer Frame
Sights:Ft: Interchangeable White Dot Rr: 2-Dot Adj
Barrel Length:3.4"
Overall Length:6.26"
Weight:19.6 oz
Packaging:Black Plastic Carrying Case
Additional Features 1:Loaded Chamber Indicator, Ambi-Magazine Catch
Additional Features 2:Interchangeable Rear Grip Panel to Fit Diff Hand Sz

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Overall satisfied

By Stoneem

I am overall satisfied with my purchase of my Walther P22. I haven't been able to shoot it yet but it looks like the quality and build of the gun is very well done. It is a bit smaller than I thought it would be, but I suppose that is to be expected with a 22. I hope it shoots as well as it looks!

Walther P22 Gun Review - The Fun Gun

By tomdusty

I purchased my Walther P22 in order to introduce firearms to my daughter and to give my wife and I another firearm to take to the range for recreation. The first thing that immediately jumps out at you with this pistol is the exceptional grip. It fits exceptionally well in most hands and is quite a joy to hold. Another thing about this pistol, is its overall "cool" look. We frequently get compliments on this pistol just because of its look.

I didn't know how it would shoot, or how dependable it would be, it just had to qualify as something they could shoot because they are very specific about what they will shoot. Too heavy, large, too much recoil or too loud.....forget it. When I purchased the pistol I did have one positive thought: This thing is cool looking. In spite of it's diminutive size, it looks deadly.

The pistol is a stand double action/single action firearm with a 1.25 pound trigger. I recommend shooting the pistol in single action as it is the easiest and most fun. The pistol firearms very accurately despite its small caliber and is highly durable. The P22 comes in two distinct sizes. One of the sizes has a 5" barrel which also has a compensator. The other model has a 3.4 inch barrel with no compensator. Overall the gun is very light which makes it easier to handle and maneuver. It is very easy to get used to firing this gun.

The pistol is also a bargain at the price and therefore based on the above, I highly recommend purchasing the Walther P22.

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