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Glock 19, 9mm, 15rd, 4.02", Matte

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Our Price:
  • $599.00
  • $499.95

About This Product

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The Glock 19 is an all around winner. The Glock 19 is durable, accurate, light, carries a good number of rounds and most of all... it is extremely reliable. The Glock 19 is one of the few pistols that has earned the status of firing virtually every time you pull the trigger. Whatever the condition of the pistol, the Glock 19 is always ready to fire. And best of all, all of this quality is provided to you at a very reasonable price. It is hard to find a better deal when it comes to pistols and it is easy to see why the Glock 19 is always at the top of the list.

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ActionSafe Action
# of Mags2
DescriptionGLK 19 9MM PST 15RD FS
Model #19
TypeSemi-Automatic Pistol
FinishTenifer Matte Finish
ReceiverPolymer with Finger Grooves
Barrel Length4.02"
Overall Length6.85"
Weight20.99 oz
PackagingPlastic Case
Additional Features 1Magazine Loader, Cleaning Rod and Brush

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  • Glock 19 Pistol
  • 2 15 Round Magazines
  • Manual & Safety Instructions
  • Magazine Loader
  • Safety Lock
  • Cleaning Rod and Brush
  • Glock Hard Case

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Great handgun for the price

By mi_cafeito

What more is there to say? Glock has built a reputation of quality for years and the gen 3 version of pistols are my personal favorite. This handgun is perfect for carry as it is light, holds lots of rounds and is a nice size. I have been shooting for many years and the accuracy of this bad boy is right on par with 1911s, Sig, HK, etc, etc. Get one!

Best 9mm under $500

By Martingale

There may be finer weapons out there, but none come close to the Glock ( G19 in my case )for reliability, looks, or ease of use for 5 bills. Got this for CCW, but it shoots so nice, I usually leave the G17 at home. If you have large hands though, it will probably be too small for you. Negatives; 1)I'm a lefty, so the mag release is a pain. I've gotten good at using my bird finger for that, but it takes a bit of practice if your gonna use it as a defensive weapon. Could be shaped better with a lighter effort needed to release. 2)Dont care for the hollow behind the grip. I know there are plugs, but that item should come standard to remove if desired.

Glock 19 Perfection Gun Review

By becky2don

First a little background on the Glock 19 and then I shall include my personal experience. The Glock 19 is truly one of the best civilian pistols on the market today.

While the Glock 17 is considered to be the most widely favored of the company's pistols within the law enforcement agencies, the Glock 19 or G19 compact pistol is the highly favored model with civilian shooters in the United States. This is very straightforward to understand considering that most civilian shooters who carry a gun or firearm do so in a concealed and carry manner. The G19 has a shorter grip therefore it is much easier to conceal making it more attractive to the millions of CCW holders throughout the nation.

The shorter grip on the Glock 19 means that the capacity of the magazine will be smaller, however the pistol firmly fits into most hand sizes. The stock magazine carries 16+1 rounds , however Glock has numerous extended magazines available for this firearm including 19 round and an extra 33 round magazine that will keep you in the range longer between reloads. The barrel length is perfect for concealed carry, being almost half in inch shorter than the G17. The integrated rail system are exceptionally positioning for accessories including lights and lasers and the finger grooves on the front strap making gripping the pistol very easy and safe.

Glock Safe Action sytstems are prevalent in all Glock pistols and include two internal safety systems and the trigger safety.

Personal Experience
I have owned my Glock 19 for 6 years and frequently use it in the range and for a conceal and carry firearm. The feel of the pistol in my hand is very comfortable and natural. The pistol is also very accurate when fired. The pistol involves very little maintenance and has never jammed or misfired in any way. The Glock 19 will continue to be my favorite pistol of choice and I highly recommend it.

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